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With Gold at all time highs, now is the time to turn your gold into CASH! Quick-Cash pays top dollar for your broken, damaged, unwanted and scrap gold. Just bring in your gold to any of our seven locations and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make selling your gold quick and easy. Walk out with the most CASH for your Gold in minutes!


cash-4-gold-2How We Buy

Quick-Cash buys gold by the Gram Weight. Grams are a unit of measure that everyone is familiar with and can understand. If you are selling gold any other way, beware! Many gold dealers will try to buy your Gold using Penny Weight (PWT) or Diamond Weight (DWT). Both these unites of measure haven’t been used in nearly 200 years. They do this to confuse you and CON you out of your gold. Come into any of our seven locations and a Quick-Case staff member will tell you the karat of your gold and exactly how many grams it weighs.


cash-4-gold-3Gold Prices

The price of gold is determined by what it is currently trading for on the Stock Market. This price is called the Spot Price of Gold. Quick-Cash buys Gold according to this Spot Price. Spot Price is constantly changing during the trading day, fluctuating up and down. Bring in your Gold and we will buy your Gold according to what the Spot Price is at the time of the transaction. We buy Gold at the Realtime up to minute price of Gold. If you are selling your Gold any other way, you could be giving your Gold away. Bring your gold to any of our seven locations and one of our friendly staff will tell you the Spot Price of gold, the karat, and Gram Weight of your gold. Quick & Easy. Walk out with cash in minutes!

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