Get More and Pay Less

All 8 Quick-Cash locations offer a Huge selection of new and previously owned merchandise. We ensure all our items are in good working condition and our well trained staff authenticates all precious metals and diamonds. Quick-Cash stands behind every item we sell!

Gold and Diamonds

retail-1Quick-Cash sell its Gold & Diamonds the way they should be, by Gold Weight & Carat Size. If you are not buying jewelry by weight, you are paying too much. Stop by any of our 8 locations and check our prices. Then shop around and compare. We bet you will be surprised on how much money you can save shopping with us. From a simple wedding band to the Diamond that will set her heart on fire, get more and pay less at Quick-Cash.

The well trained staff at Quick-Cash authenticates all the precious metals and diamonds we sell. We stand behind our jewelry and guarantee every piece sold. Still not sure, then Quick-Cash will pay for the piece to be appraised or authenticated by an independent jeweler of your choice.

retail-2Lowest Priced DVD’s In Town

Every day at all 8 of our area location you can buy your favorite DVD movie for only $2.00. Stop in, look at our endless titles of movies and enjoy a night of entertainment for only $2.00. Looking for Season or Box Sets? We have those too and most are priced between $8.00 & $10.00.


Quick-Cash offers a wide selection of electronics including Ipods, Flatscreen Tv’s, Laptops, Desktops, Game systems, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Stereos, Speakers, Dvd Players, Gps systems and much more.

Tools & Lawn Equipment



Get your Honey Do list done for half the price! Don’t go to a big box store and pay full retail for a tool you may only use once or twice? Come to Quick-Cash where you can get well conditioned used tools at up to 75% off. Spend your money on what is important, your project, not your tools. Lawn Equipment too! We sell lawnmowers, weed eaters, trimmers, pressure washers, blowers, and more at way below retail prices.

Musical Equipment


guitar-ampQuick-Cash has the largest selection of used guitars in the TriState. We also carry Amps, PA’s, Heads, Cabinets, and much more. Gibson Les Paul, Flying V’s, Melody Maker’s, Fender Strats & Tele’s, we sell them all. Marshall, Gibson, Peavey, & Roland amps to name a few. Get all the Classics for Less at Quick-Cash. Not a Rock Star yet, We have beginner and youth models new or used. Drum Sets, Guitars, Banjo’s, Violin’s, we have all for less.

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